A couple of weeks ago Four asked me to go to a wedding with him. So I'm currently in Richmond, VA sweating my ass off for a couple of reasons. First reason, it's hot as the hinges of hell down here. Second reason, it's the first time that I have gone out of town with a man. Third reason, it's a wedding and for some reason all of my friends think that its a big step in our relationship that he invited me to a wedding. Fourth reason, Chick-fil-A next door to a 5 Guys - I'm in fattening fast food heaven!I could probably continue the list of my anxieties into infinity but it seems pointless.

I actually spent most of yesterday alone because Four was coming from a consulting job so we took different planes into town. It was actually good cause it gave me time to calm my nerves. He's back so moe later!

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jamie (aka afro) said...

YAY! trips outta town!

hope u all had a gud time and i like chick-fil-a. especially the carrot raisin salad/ice dream cup!