So I reallly try hard not to hate on GP, so when I found myself disliking Sarah Palin, I had to explore my reasoning.  So I did a little research.  Now, I want to start off by saying a couple of things.  I'm not a democrat.  That right, Trouble is a proud Independent.  I actually voted for Ralph Nader in the last election.  (my reasoning, not that I need to justify my decisions, was that since I couldn't get behind either of the candidates on the major party tickets, I would try and lend my vote to getting the green party a voice in the next election.  Didn't work and were still stuck in a pseudo democracy, but it's not for lack of trying on my part.)  While I voted for Hilary Clinton to become a senator in New York, I never considered her a viable candidate for President.  (for me she had her chance when Bill was in office and for that matter so did he.  let's try something new since the old shit is obviously not working.)  I do feel that as a country, our moral character is atrocious, but I don't think that religion is the answer or has a place in government.  (and yes I cannot help but hold the mother accountable for the actions of the daughter.  that however has absolutely nothing to do with politics.)  

Now, on to what I don't like about the Republican vice presidential nominee.  Ok, fine the average American does take more than 4 years to finish college, and most of us I'm sure have gone to more than one college.  But that just it,  the AVERAGE American.  I don't think that anything about our President in Waiting (cause lets be honest dude is reallly old and his health is not the best.  in fact John McCain is something like 23 years older than the state of Alaska) should be average.  We're talking about the so called leaders of the free world.  They should be fan-fucking-tastic in every damn way.  Exceptional even.  Not former weather girls or whatever she was.  Yeah we had presidents who were actors, but actors have to actually memorize line.  Television reporters read from teleprompters.  I'm not knocking television reporters, there are some exceptional ones, but she wasn't one of those either now was she?

And I know this is totally irrational and somewhat petty, but fuck it I'm entitled to my opinion, I hate her style.  It's tacky.  The "oh I'm so busy and unconcerned with my looks but make sure my bangs look good" hairstyle drives me insane.  I was so fucking happy to see a picture of her with her hair down it was ridiculous.  And I know that she's worn glasses since she was a little kid, but I still feel like she wears them so that people will take her seriously.  Besides that I hate them.  Whats the point of a rimless lens only to have that big metal side bar.  The dude who makes them was like, oh thats nice that she made my glasses popular, but don't think I'm backing her or anything.  (not a direct quote, but he really did say that - check the associated press if you like.)  And then there's this picture of her sitting in what they say is her office (there's a whole debate going about her taste in decorating, but some people say thats not her office)  in what have got to be the ugliest pair of red wedge flip flops.  That really bothers me, I mean flip flops and Alaska just don't go together in my mind.  But beyond that, you telling me Haviana's won't deliver to the Governor of Alaska?  Come the fuck on, you can do better.

And that exactly the point.  I'm no where near what you would call a McCain fan, but he could do soooo much better.  It's like Jason Bourne said, it's like a bad fucking Disney movie.  Actually it's more like one of those knock off Disney-type movies.  I bet old Mike Eisner rejected 50 stories similar to this.  And worse,  I'm pretty sure the rest of the fucking world are continuing to laugh at the stooopid fucking Americans (hey, completely random but you know Bucket is a great replacement for saying Fuck It and just as much fun!)  

Let's take a minute to talk about First Dude.  So not cool.  We are supposed to believe that Palin is this independent career driven woman that lets nothing stop her, and yet her husband always with her to the point that he's billing the state of Alaska for his time?  Just how much influence is he going to have?  The press has had a field day talking about the other spouses, even went so far as to call Michelle unAmerican but not so much info out there about Todd.  I've heard that he was/may still be part of a group that would like for Alaska to secede from the United States, but I'm not sure if thats true.  Regardless, I would like to know more.

I'm really just kind of hoping she goes the way of Geraldine Ferraro, I can't even remember whose running mate she was supposed to be.


afro j said...

preach! i agree completely. we shude all hav our own opinions and not be forced to vote for sum1 jus b/c they hav the same skin colour or sit down to pee...
the repubs at work are going crazy over her, like she's the second coming of sorts. im like chill out...

hav a gud wknd trubs and welcome bak!

Jentheobscure said...

Nader 08!

PrettyBlack said...

You and I are on the same level about those damn ugly ass glasses!

And then the bitch is politically dumb ass a sack of rocks! (what's a fun word for bitch? witch? not the same effect) anyway I can't stand her...I can see russia...oh my gawd Tina Fey killed it with that! New love for Tina!

I missed you pookie bear so glad your back...tell your mommy I said happy belated birthday!

Obama '08!

swag_ambassador said...

LOL @ the glasses.. thas great reading right there.. lol.


Mala said...

where the hell are you!
it's frigging november woman!!